Help Protect Our Neighborhood

Submitted by admin on Sat, 05/15/2021 - 11:33

Forestar Development recently acquired a portion of the undeveloped land between Rolling Oaks Estates and Talley Rd., and plans to build a residential development (Stolte Ranch) there. They acquired 2 lots on Crescent Hill Dr in Rolling Oaks with that purchase, and plan to install a through-street and 9 houses on Lot 179 and a Community Center for Stolte Ranch on Lot 175, in clear violation of the Covenants and Deed Restrictions, as shown on the attached Preliminary Development Plan.

The ROACC has contacted Forestar to express our opposition to any such illegal property use, with no response to-date. We are therefore proceeding with preparations for legal action against Forestar to prevent any such uses. Please click on the Contact US link on this homepage if you would like to offer financial support of that legal defense of our community. Please provide your name and address with that contact email so that we can follow up directly with you. Thanks for your support of our community.

~Mark, ROACC President